Samsung 2013 Camera Articles

Popular Samsung Articles for 2013

Samsung NX300 Review

We have some serious Samsung love for the NX300. Built to please the masses, the NX300 has what it takes to rise to the top.

Samsung NX2000 Review

The Samsung NX2000 is a good camera, but compared to its big brother, the NX300, it will have a tough time gaining the top position.

Samsung EX2F Review: Retro Street Shooter

Looks can be deceiving - this is not your standard P&S. The EX2F wows us with its retro design, f/1.4 lens and its straight shooting.

Samsung WB2100 Review

The Samsung WB2100 is a good option for families and aspiring photographers, but the maximum aperture is not the fastest--especially indoors.

Samsung NX20 Review: Swimming With Sharks

The Samsung NX20 is swimming in a sea of fierce competitors. Even with great features, it will be hard for this ILC to fight its way to the top.

Samsung WB800F Review

The Samsung WB800F reviewed well, sitting comfortably between the Samsung EX2F and the Canon SX280 HS--a great choice for a compact travel zoom camera.

Samsung WB250F Review: Kid Friendly Camera

The Samsung WB250F is a fun, compact smart camera equipped with Wi-Fi and kid friendly, unique in-camera editing features.

VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is unique in that it is one of the first truly connected cameras. In fact, it sits directly in between a smartphone and a camera, as[...]

Samsung HMX-QF30 HD Camcorder Review

The budget camcorder market may not be booming, but major players are still in the game. The Samsung HMX-QF30 is a perfect example. But is it any good?

Smartphone Camera Showdown: Who is the Best?

We team up with to bring you this smartphone showdown. Who's camera will be the best? The results might shock you.

Samsung NX300 Image Gallery

After a few weeks with the NX300 we are happy with the results of this well built camera. Check out our image gallery and let us know what you think.

The Skinny on the World’s Smallest Fisheye Lens by Samsung

Samsung's newest 10mm fisheye lens for their NX line of cameras may have you wondering how they fit all those elements into such a tiny lens.

Samsung Galaxy NX Sample Image Gallery

Be prepared to have the Samsung Galaxy NX knock your socks off! This fully connected camera offers great image quality with the flexibility of an ILC.

Samsung NX1100 Now Shipping – Adobe Lightroom 4 Included

Samsung's newest addition to the NX lineup is the NX1100, a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera jam packed with 20.3 MP and super-fast shutter speeds.

Samsung NX2000 Image Gallery

The Samsung NX2000 is the newest smart camera to hit the shelves. Check out our images gallery and let us know what you think of the results.

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera Preview

Samsung announces the game changing Galaxy NX Camera and we bring you a hands-on preview of what makes this product so special.

Samsung Hooks Up With Usain Bolt

Samsung nabs Usain Bolt to be the spokesperson for their NX cameras. Plus, they team up for Usain's foundation for children.

Samsung EX2F Hands-On Preview

Samsun's newest point and shoot will have you doing a double take. It is feature rich, easy to use and produces great images.

Samsung NX300 First Look at CES 2013

The NX300 is leaping onto the scene with some major upgrades over its predecessor, the NX210. A large APS-C sensor and 20.3 MP are just the beginning.

Samsung NX20 First Look Preview

Samsung's NX20 packs a big punch for such a small camera. It has a 20.3 MP APS-C sensor, Full HD video and large 3-inch AMOLED screen.