Samsung 2010 Camera Articles

Popular Samsung Articles for 2010

Head to Head: Samsung NX10 vs. Sony NEX-5

This edition of Head to Head pits two new cameras against each other: the Sony alpha NEX-5 and the Samsung NX10. They may be lightweights compared to DSLRs, but they[...]

Samsung NX10 Review

Samsung launched the NX10 at this year's CES, putting their own mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera toe-to-toe with Panasonic and Olympus' Micro Four Thirds efforts. The NX10 boasts both a larger[...]

Samsung HMX-E10 pocket HD camcorder features swiveling lens

Introducing the HMX-E10 today, Samsung adds another pocketable HD camcorder to its lineup.

Samsung NX100 First Look

Samsung turned DCR loose in Cologne for a day with a shiny new NX100 unit at this year's Photokina. We've got first impressions and sample images from one of the[...]

Samsung DualView TL210 and TL205

Samsung today adds two more cameras to their unique DualView line - the TL210 and TL205.

Samsung unveils high speed TL350

Samsung announces a new high speed compact camera on the eve of PMA 2010. The TL350 offers 1080p HD video recording, full-res bursts up to 10 fps, and slow speed[...]

Samsung NX10 hybrid takes on Micro Four Thirds

With CES 2010 only days away, Samsung has just made the NX10 interchangeable-lens camera official. As promised, the compact NX10 features a large 14.6 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor alongside a[...]

Samsung rolls out HZ35W and HZ30W

Samsung announces two more high zoom digital cameras in the wake of CES 2010. The HZ35W and HZ30W both offer a 15x optical zoom range and a 24mm wide angle[...]

Samsung TL500 takes on Panasonic LX3, Canon G11

Samsung confirms the rumors today - their TL500 advanced compact camera launches with a feature set designed to take on advanced compacts like the Panasonic LX3 and Canon G11. It[...]

Samsung CL80 and TL240 match style with connectivity

Samsung announces today the CL80 and TL240, products of a unique design process each equipped with a 7x Schneider-Kreuznach lens. The CL80 features integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, and with touch panels[...]

Samsung pairs with Boingo to provide WiFi access

Boingo Wireless has announced an agreement with Samsung to provide Boingo's wireless-access software on wireless-capable Samsung digital cameras.

Samsung DualView ST600 and ST100 debut

Samsung continues to expand their line of DualView cameras with the addition of the Samsung DualView ST600 and ST100 today. Hailing them as the new flagship DualView models, they feature[...]

Samsung NX100 loses EVF, gains smart lens function

Samsung makes the NX100 official after a series of odd leaks. The good news? It's a slimmer, sleeker version of the NX10 and it still packs an APS-C sized sensor.[...]

Slim Samsung WB700 boasts 18x optical zoom

With just a week left before CES 2011, Samsung announces a slim point-and-shoot with an 18x optical zoom lens, full manual operation and 720p HD video recording.

CES 2010: Samsung NX10 hands-on

Samsung's biggest digital imaging announcement leading up to CES was the NX10 - a little camera with a big 14.6 megapixel APS-C sized sensor. Samsung allowed DCR some hands-on time[...]

Two new pocket camcorders coming from Samsung

Looking to take two bites out of Flip's ultra compact camcorder market share, Samsung today announced two new pocket HD camcorders, the HMX-U20 and HMX-U15.

PMA 2010: Samsung gets serious

Samsung's announcement of the TL500 and TL350 brings the manufacturer's point and shoot line to a new, enthusiast-focused market. We took a first look at two pre-production samples at the[...]

Boingo photo contest targets wireless hotspots

Boingo Wireless invites you to take part in a digital photo contest that runs through July 22nd and focuses on the best amateur efforts across these four subject themes.

Samsung introduces Wi-Fi enabled ST80

Samsung launches their latest Wi-Fi connected point-and-shoot today, the ST80. It features DLNA connectivity, a 3.0-inch touch screen, and access to Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots to help get your photos on[...]

Samsung launches NX11 with i-Function Lenses

Updating its NX10 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, Samsung announces the new NX11 fully integrated with its i-Function series of lenses. Both the NX10 and NX11 are equipped with APS-C sized[...]