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Polaroid Cube Review: Stocking Stuffer or Legit Action Cam?

The Polaroid Cube is a mini-masterpiece, an eency-weency wonder with worthy wow factor that seems to occupy an existence somewhere between cute and rugged, and it just might be the[...]

Engineering Student Builds Homemade Polaroid Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera

An engineering student with perhaps a little too much time on his hands recently managed to build his own camera, thanks to a Polaroid back and some plywood.

Polaroid Cube a Cutesy Take on Action Cam

With the impending release of its new Cube camera, Polaroid is looking to win the award for cutest action camera with the Cube.

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera Launched

Reminding us what "photo sharing" used to mean, Polaroid unveils another instant digital camera.

New Polaroid instant-print cameras on the horizon

Polaroid confirmed plans last month to launch the first digital take on the instant print camera concept for which the historic company is known by the end of 2008.

Polaroid Socialmatic Announced at CES 2014

Polaroid announced the Polaroid Socialmatic instant camera today. The Polaroid Socialmatic instant camera blends vintage Polaroid photography with wireless connectivity.

Digital Camera News, 1/10/08

ZINK, Polaroid will continue collaboration AgfaPhoto digicams to appear at PMA Kodak anti-counterfeiting system targets camera batteries Lexar SD with Eye-Fi wireless technology to hit the market[...]

Digital Camera News, 2/13/08

Panasonic set to release high-speed 32GB SDHC The end of the Polaroid instant film camera era? Apple Aperture 2 now available for purchase

Lady Gaga makes a stop at Polaroid booth, produces line of cameras

In an only-at-CES moment, recording artist Lady Gaga made an appearance at Polaroid's booth for the announcement of a one-year partnership.