Panasonic 2014 Camera Articles

Popular Panasonic Articles for 2014

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Hands-on Preview

As a high-end compact camera in a market currently limited to budget options, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 was a welcome addition to photokina. That it was also the first Panasonic[...]

Panasonic Introduces Lumix GH4 With 4K Video

Panasonic has introduced the Lumix GH4 Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera with 4K video recording. The DSLM features a magnesium alloy body that is splash and dust proof for added[...]

Panasonic LX100 Packs 4K Video Capability in Compact Frame

Running on a history of developing cameras with fast lenses, the LX series of shooters by Panasonic appears to have received yet another major improvement in spec design with the[...]

Is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 a Camera or a Smartphone?

The proliferation of camera-enabled smartphones has taken a bite out of the camera-only industry, but the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 is a forthcoming device that appears ready to bite back.

Panasonic Introduces Lumix DMC-ZS35 and DCM-ZS40 at CES 2014

Panasonic introduced the DMC-ZS35 at CES 2014 and DCM-ZS40 in Las Vegas, compact digital cameras that will feature 20x and 30x optical zoom, respectively.

Panasonic GM5 Looks to Prove Good Things Come in Small Packages

The Lumix DMC-GM5 is Panasonic's latest interchangeable lens Micro Four Thirds camera, as well as a tiny little powerhouse shooter that barely tips past the half-pound mark with a lens[...]

Panasonic announces 15mm F1.7 Lens

Panasonic has announced the new High Speed Leica Summilux 15mm F1.7 lens. We can't wait to see what it produces!

Apple Update for OS X Mavericks Brings RAW Compatibility to 10 Late Model Cameras

Mac-based digital photographers running OS X Mavericks have just received an early Christmas present from Apple.

Panasonic announces the HX-A500 Wearable 4K camera

Panasonic announced the HX-A500, which the company is marketing as the world's first 4K wearable camera.

Panasonic Announces Lumix DMC-LZ40 at CES 2014

Panasonic announced the Lumix DMC-LZ40 featuring a 42x optical zoom lens from 22mm wide angle lens complete with Optical Image Stabilizer and 20-megapixel CCD.

Panasonic Unveils Lumix DMC-SZ8 at CES 2014

Panasonic unveiled its Lumix DMC-SZ8 compact digital camera featuring a 12x optical zoom with 24mm wide angle lens and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Panasonic Lumix GH4 DSLM Coming Soon

Panasonic has announced pricing and availability for the Lumix GH4 DSLM, which features 4K video technology.