Olympus 2013 Camera Articles

Popular Olympus Articles for 2013

Olympus 17mm f/1.8 Lens Review

Paired with the OM-D E-M5, this is the perfect go-anywhere lens. The new 17mm f/1.8 has good image quality, is easy to use and has fast AF.

Olympus 60mm F/2.8 Macro Lens Review: Love at First Click

The Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro lens beckons you to photograph the world with a different point of view - crisp, clear and close up.

Olympus PEN Mini E-PM2 Review

With excellent still image quality and good HD video capability, the Olympus E-PM2 is a great choice for an entry level compact ILC.

Olympus 75mm f/1.8 Lens Review

The Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens is a hefty lens with pretty amazing optics. It's not cheap, but it could be a great addition to your bag.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review: Flagship Phenom

As with most of the Olympus cameras we test, the company is going to have to pry this one away from us. Transitioning from DSLR to mirrorless has never been[...]

VIDEO: Olympus 17mm f1.8 Lens

This all-metal 17mm lens is built for Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras, including the E-PL5. This everyday lens proves versatile, with fast focusing, and proves well for low-light situations, and[...]

How To Photograph Snowflakes

If you think you have to shell out a ton of money to create these types of photographs, think again! We used the $330 Olympus TG-2 and we are proud[...]

Olympus TG-2: A Perfect Vacation Companion

Want to get some great vacation pictures without the hassle of big equipment? The Olympus TG-2 might just be the perfect vacation companion.

Tracie Maglosky, First Female Olympus Trailblazer

Olympus' newest Trailblazer, Tracie Maglosky, is achieving her dreams through hard work and dedication. Read about her journey, her gear and her work.

Gear Round-Up: What’s in The Editor’s Camera Bag

With all this new technology at her fingertips, what does the Editor of DigitalCameraReview have in her camera bag?

Calling All ProMini-DSLRs: Is Anyone Out There?

Camera companies take note: there is a gap in the camera marketplace and we know how to fill it. It's time to create the ProMini-DSLR.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 First Look Preview

Amazing, fantastic, wonderful. Check out our first impressions of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 digital camera.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Image Gallery

Check out our real world samples from the new Olympus OM-D E-M1 that was just announced today. These images were taken with the 12-50mm kit lens.

Olympus Announces E-P5, Successor to E-P3

Today Olympus announced the addition of the E-P5 to their current lineup of Pen cameras. It has a great feature set, but lacks a built-in viewfinder.

Olympus TG-2 First Look at CES 2013

Shocking! The TG-2 has 12MP, a great lens and tons of expandability. Dive into this preview and find out why we think we are going to love this camera.

Olympus V-Series Has Fallen

Say goodbye to the V-series cameras by Olympus.

Olympus Announces the Stylus 1 Premium Compact Camera

DSLR Image Quality meets the portability of a compact. It sports a constant f2.8 zoom lens, Wi-Fi and a built-In EVF.

Olympus Unveils Updated 75-300mm Lens

Today Olympus announced an upgraded 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 super telephoto zoom lens designed for their Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Olympus Unveils the SZ-15 at CES 2013

Today Olympus unveils the SZ-15. Very similar to its big brother the SZ-16, it has a 24x zoom and a 16 megapixel sensor.

Olympus Announces Stylus XZ-10

The XZ-10 Stylus offers a 12 MP backlit CMOS sensor, 5x zoom, f1.8-2.7 apertures, and Olympus' stellar image stabilization system and fast AF.