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Popular Olympus Articles for 2009

Olympus SP-565 UZ Review

The smallest and lightest of Olympus's current ultrazooms, the Olympus SP-565UZ represents a minor update to its sibling, the 570UZ. Affordably priced for its class, the 565UZ doesn't skimp on[...]

Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 Review

These days, the challenge in rugged and waterproof cameras isn't finding one that takes good pictures. Rather, the real challenge comes in getting excellent performance in a rugged, outdoor-ready camera[...]

Olympus SP-590 UZ Review

Olympus has raised the ante in the ultrazoom big lens sweepstakes with the introduction of the Olympus SP-590 UZ and its 26x zoom, moving past 24x offerings from Kodak, Nikon[...]

Olympus E-620 Review

The Olympus E-620 brings much of the new technology developed for the high-end E-30 down to the sub-$1000 category. While we liked almost everything about the E-30 except its price,[...]

Olympus Stylus 7010 Review

Olympus has been known for bringing camera concepts down to size - the original half-frame Pen, their latest Micro Four Thirds efforts, and now the Stylus 7010. It's a very[...]

Olympus Stylus-9000 Review

The Olympus Stylus-9000 fits comfortably into the compact high-zoom class that we've come to know and love. It offers a healthy 10x optical zoom, reliable auto exposure settings, and a[...]

Olympus E-30 Review

Olympus has been late to the enthusiast DSLR party, but the new 12.3 megapixel Olympus E-30 has the potential to steal users from Canon and Nikon with some unique, creativity-focused[...]

Olympus E-P1 Review

Ever wondered what would happen if you took the high quality sensor and interchangeable lenses from a DSLR and packed them into a pocket-sized camera? The new Olympus E-P1 does[...]

Olympus goes big with 26x zoom SP-590 UZ

Not to be outdone in the quest for more range by Kodak's 24x optical zoom foray, the 12 megapixel Olympus SP-590 UZ features a 26x zoom lens.

Olympus E-P2 boasts improved performance, same retro style

Olympus announces today the E-P2, successor to their rangefinder-style E-P1. The E-P2 now carries the banner for Olympus's chic Micro Four Thirds "Digital Pen" series, boasting improved AF performance, new[...]

Olympus E-600 announced with competitive price

Olympus adds the E-600 to its beginner-friendly DSLR lineup this morning. With a 2.7 inch swiveling LCD, three in-camera art filters, and a 12.3 megapixel Live MOS sensor, there's a[...]

Head to Head: Olympus SP-590 UZ vs. Nikon Coolpix P90

It's time to pull out the "H" word - yes, the holidays are fast approaching, like it or not. And this year, we'd like the gift budget to stretch as[...]

Olympus SP-590 UZ Hands On Preview

We'd already spent a little time with the brand new Olympus SP-590 UZ, but Olympus was kind enough to let us explore a pre-production 590 in greater depth.

New Olympus FE models refresh manufacturer’s budget line

Olympus has refreshed its FE series of budget-conscious ultracompacts with three new models: the 10 megapixel FE-3000, and the 12 megapixel FE-3010 and FE-5010.

Olympus Stylus 9000, Stylus 7000 offer compact ultrazoom options

Olympus has presented two new models in the revamped Stylus line, the Stylus 7000 and 9000, that slot into the small but growing compact ultrazoom niche.

Olympus E-P1 Hands-On Video Preview

We've seen a lot of hype around Olympus's Micro Four Thirds concept camera, and today the manufacturer delivered the goods with the announcement of the production-ready E-P1. Inspired by Olympus's[...]

Trio of new Olympus FE models feature wide-angle lenses

In an early morning announcement, Olympus has launched a trio of new additions to its FE series of affordably priced ultracompacts today. The Olympus FE-5020, FE-4000, and FE-46 share a[...]

Olympus announces rangefinder-inspired E-P1

Olympus announced today the E-P1, a revival of their classic Pen series of compact film cameras in Micro Four Thirds format. Behind the retro exterior, the E-P1 features a decidedly[...]

Olympus revamps outdoor-ready line with three models

Olympus is serving up three new rugged/waterproof compacts, including 10 and 12 megapixel options released under the recently unveiled "Stylus Tough" brand.

Olympus E-P1 First Thoughts

The Olympus Pen E-P1 is without a doubt one of the most technologically and stylistically aggressive new camera offerings to hit the market in 2009. After spending a few days[...]