How To 2012 Camera Articles

Popular How To Articles for 2012

How-To: Tips for Finding the Best Natural Light for Your Portraits

Taking great pictures can be easy with hints from our DIY lighting guide. Check out some trade secrets creating quality pictures.

How To: Macro Photography Made Easy

Taking macro photos is easy if you know how. You need a little knowledge and the right equipment to get perfect close up pictures.

How-To: Compose and Photograph Landscape Photos

Learn the tricks of the trade to taking great landscape photos. Create awesome pictures with this beginner's guide.

Night Photography How-To Tips

Want to take amazing night images? Check out our how-to guide for beginners that's filled with pro tips for taking great pictures.

How To: Basics of Portrait Lighting

Great portraits need great lighting. Do your portraits a favor and follow our beginner's guide to setting up a winning lighting combination. It's easier - and cheaper - than you'd[...]

How to Set Up a Home Studio

Setting up a home studio is easy and fun. Check out our How-To guide for pro tips and tricks of the trade.

So You Want to Go Pro? How-To Tips on Becoming a Professional Photographer

Interested in being a professional photographer? Check out our how to advice on launching your professional photography career.

Upgrade Your Interchangeable Lens Camera

Upgrading your gear can be easier and less expensive than you think. Check out our guide that will show you how to make the most of your digital camera.