DCR Workshop 2011 Camera Articles

Popular DCR Workshop Articles for 2011

Digital Photo Storage Options

Are your digital photo files piling up on your hard drive? Saving all of your images only to your computer is risky and cumbersome. We've got some backup storage advice[...]

Getting the Most from your Batteries

At the heart of every digital camera is the battery that keeps the shutter snapping. Take a look at our brief guide to camera batteries and how to get the[...]

DCR Workshop: Essential Creative Accessories for Your Flash

You've purchased an external flash unit for your DSLR and you're an expert in utilizing bounce flash. Now it's time to get creative - we've outlined five easy-to-use flash accessories[...]

DCR Workshop: Take Better Macro Photos with a Point-and-Shoot

Gather round, point-and-shoot shooters. We've got a few tips for the casual photographer looking to get better close-up photos from a no-frills compact camera. Don't be shy, get close!

The Basics of Bounce Flash

Whether you just bought an external flash unit or you're thinking of buying one, we've got some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your illumination gear. Read[...]

DCR Workshop: Setting Up a Natural Light Studio

Don't stay cooped up in an indoor studio all summer, head to the great outdoors for your next portrait session. In this DCR Workshop, we take you step-by-step through the[...]

DCR Workshop: Post-Processing to Get What You Want

We'd all like to "get it right in the camera" all of the time. In reality, challenging lighting and gear limitations make this impossible. In this DCR Workshop, we're taking[...]