Canon 2011 Camera Articles

Popular Canon Articles for 2011

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Review

Announced early this year, the Canon T3 fits into the middle of the entry-level Rebel lineup with a 12.2 megapixel sensor and 720p HD video. See how it stacks up[...]

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Review

The Canon T3i pushes aside the T2i, snatching the title of "flagship Rebel" just about a year after the T2i was introduced. The T3i boasts a 3.0-inch articulating monitor, 1080[...]

Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Review: A Formidable Ultrazoom

Canon's new PowerShot SX40 HS couples a new DIGIC 5 processor with a 35x optical zoom lens - that's an incredible 840mm equivalent zoom. Of course, a camera is more[...]

Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS Review

The PowerShot 300 HS is part of Canon's latest fleet of compact Digital ELPH point-and-shoots. Featuring a 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, it touts better-than-average low light performance and 1080 HD[...]

Canon EOS 60D Review

The Canon 60D brings a swiveling LCD to the EOS DSLR class for the first time. Did it bring impressive image quality to match its prosumer feature set? Read our[...]

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Review

If you experience deja vu looking at the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS, you're probably remembering its SX210 predecessor. They may look like twins, but the SX230 houses a newer CMOS[...]

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS Review

The Canon A3300 offers plenty in a less-is-more package. A 4x optical zoom, 720p HD video recording and Canon's reliable Smart Auto shooting mode make it a top pick for[...]

Canon PowerShot S100 Review: Powerful and Pocket Friendly

The Canon PowerShot S100 is a high-powered, low-profile compact camera with RAW shooting, manual exposure modes and HD video. This generation uses a CMOS sensor and a new DIGIC 5[...]

Canon PowerShot ELPH 500 HS Review

Canon's new ELPH 500 HS brings a 3.2-inch touchscreen together with an f/2 lens and all the trappings of the "High Sensitivity" system. We've been impressed with performance from its[...]

Canon PowerShot SD3500 IS Review

The Canon SD3500 takes a less-is-more approach and does away with almost all physical controls and buttons in favor of a 3.5-inch touchscreen. We put the finger-friendly SD3500 to the[...]

Canon EOS Rebel T3i First Look

Canon crowned the T3i as the latest Rebel flagship DSLR when it launched in early February. We've had a review sample in our hands for a few days and our[...]

Canon EOS Rebel T3 First Look

As an entry-level DSLR, the Canon EOS Rebel T3 features "only" a 12.2 megapixel sensor, "only" 3 fps burst shooting and "only" 720p HD video. We've just started testing the[...]

Canon PowerShot SX150 IS First Look Review: Big Zoom Without a Big Price

Canon's popular SX series of ultrazooms is updated with the SX150 IS. With a 12x optical zoom and a full array of auto and manual shooting modes, the SX150 is[...]

Canon Selphy CP800 Review at Printer Comparison

If you got a new camera this holiday, you may soon be looking for a printer to help get those photos off your hardware and into frames. Is the ultra[...]

Canon EOS 1D X First Look: A Formidable Flagship DSLR

Succeeding both the 1D Mark IV and 1Ds Mark III, the EOS 1D X aims to please studio photographers who need lots of resolution and sports photogs who prize speed.[...]

Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS First Look

We've posted reviews for the PowerShot 500 and 300 HS and we're rounding out the group by taking a look at the budget-oriented Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS. Check out[...]

Canon launches new Vixia camcorders for CES 2011

As CES 2011 kicks off, Canon launches eight new HD Vixia camcorders. Several models will incorporate a new HD CMOS Pro sensor with improved low light capability.

Canon PowerShot A1200 brings optical viewfinder back

Canon announces four new PowerShot series point-and-shoots today, including the optical viewfinder equipped A1200. The PowerShot A3300, A2200 and A800 are also launched with beginner-friendly features and 720p HD video[...]

Canon EOS 1D X Replaces 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark IV

Canon merges the EOS 1Ds and 1D DSLR lines into the EOS 1D X. Replacing the 1Ds Mark III and 1D Mark IV with an 18 megapixel full frame sensor,[...]

Canon Announces DreamLabo 5000

Canon makes a foray into the production photo printing market with the DreamLabo 5000, a system designed for retailers.