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Popular Camcorder Articles for 2014

Polaroid Cube Review: Stocking Stuffer or Legit Action Cam?

The Polaroid Cube is a mini-masterpiece, an eency-weency wonder with worthy wow factor that seems to occupy an existence somewhere between cute and rugged, and it just might be the[...]

Instagram Hyperlapse App Brings Life in Fast-Forward

Instagram videos just got a much needed quality infusion thanks to Hyperlapse, an app that should make amateur-shot short form vids more viewable.

What Are the Best Android Photo Apps? Google Camera Review

Google Camera could make taking pictures on your phone fun again.

Give Fido a Pooch Cam with GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Ever wonder what a dog sees? GoPro has a mount for that.

You Need a Hero? GoPro Has You Covered with New Rugged Cams

Three months after going public and hot on the heels of impressive stock market performance, GoPro is at it again.

GoPro Going Up and Away with High Def-Enabled Drones

GoPro is going up and away, literally, by developing a line of consumer-level drone craft equipped with the ability to capture action from high above in high definition.

Polaroid Cube a Cutesy Take on Action Cam

With the impending release of its new Cube camera, Polaroid is looking to win the award for cutest action camera with the Cube.

New Casio Action Cam Features Detachable Viewfinder

Casio's Exilim EX-FR10 lets adventurers take selfies anywhere.

Sony Action Cam Mini Gets Wet, Wild, and Smaller

Size matters, and when it comes to action cams, the smaller you go the better. No stranger to this knowledge, Sony has just performed a shrink-down makeover on its mini[...]

European Space Agency’s Break Up Camera Set to Document Fiery Atmospheric Reentry

There are disposable cameras, and there are cameras that record their very own destruction for the world to see.

Ricoh WG-M1 Takes a Licking and Keeps on Shooting

Hardcore adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts just got one more reason to document their daring exploits without worry of damaging their expensive equipment, thanks to a new camera from Ricoh[...]

Contour Returns with ROAM3 Action Cam

Contour is back with a new action cam product destined to be the device of choice for surfers, snorklers, and people who can hold their breath a long time. [...]

Microsoft Hyperlapse Smooths Out Unwatchable Time-Lapse Vids

Microsoft researchers have made leaps and bounds in their efforts to rid the world of jerky, unwatchable time-lapse video shot on GoPro and other head-mounted recorders.