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Camera Articles for September of 2014

Below are the 36 Camera articles for September of 2014

The Olympus Selfie Cam Isn’t a Toy

Offering further evidence that the selfie craze is here to stay, the latest offering from Olympus is a compact mirrorless camera with a design intended not only to encourage more[...]

Pixlr Coming to Desktops as Free App

The freebie photo editor market just got better with the arrival of Pixlr for Mac and Windows machines.

Sony RX10 Gets a Price Drop and a Firmware Video Upgrade

Indecisive digital camera shoppers now have two good reasons to take another look at the Sony RX10: super boosted video quality and a near 25 percent drop in price.

Sony Action Cam Mini Gets Wet, Wild, and Smaller

Size matters, and when it comes to action cams, the smaller you go the better. No stranger to this knowledge, Sony has just performed a shrink-down makeover on its mini[...]

Sony’s Lens Cameras Attach to Your Smartphone

The second wave in a new line of Sony cameras is turning regular smartphone picture takers into bona fide photographers.

What Are the Best Android Photo Apps? Fragment

Fragment can turn a snapshot into a literal work of abstract art.

Photokina: World of Imaging 2014

Simply put, photokina is the largest imaging tradeshow in the world. It's arguably also the most important, as every two years the eyes and lenses of the photography world turn[...]

What Are the Best iOS Photo Apps? Hyperlapse from Instagram

Today, we take a closer look at Hyperlapse from Instagram to find out if it lives up to the hype.

Fujifilm Retro Cams Get a Facelift

Everything old is new again, and Fujifilm is proving it true by releasing retro looking cameras that pack all the wallop of modern day pro-level digital shooters.

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Pack Cool Cam Specs

You probably heard about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Find out what's so special about these new smartphones from an imaging perspective.

Ricoh WG-M1 Takes a Licking and Keeps on Shooting

Hardcore adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts just got one more reason to document their daring exploits without worry of damaging their expensive equipment, thanks to a new camera from Ricoh[...]

What Are the Best Android Photo Apps? Mirror Photo: Editor & Collage

Mirror Photo: Editor & Collage is a fun app that lets you add dynamic effects to your pictures.

Nikon D750 Prosumer DSLR Official, Brings Wi-Fi and Tilting Display

After a slew of crafty leaks, Nikon has confirmed rumor mill discourse with its release of the D750, a DSLR the company says offers "superior image quality" via a 24.3-megapixel[...]

Nikon Jumps into the Selfie-Cam Fad with New Coolpix S6900

With a name like the Coolpix S6900, you know you're not buying a pro camera -- but not everyone's in the market for such. Some people just want to have[...]

512GB SanDisk Extreme Pro Now Available, And it Isn’t Cheap

SanDisk claims its latest Extreme Pro is the "world's highest capacity SDXC card," and it's hard to argue that claim. It packs 512 GB of storage, making it suitable for[...]

Olympus EM-1 Packs Firmware Update and Retro Looks

Retro cam bodies with futuristic guts are all the rage, and if the upcoming E-M1 from Olympus is any sign, the fad extends to photokina.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Official: Same DSLR Look, Better DSLR Specs

The mid-range DSLR market just got a long-awaited shock of excitement with the announcement of the impending arrival of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Hands-on Preview

It's been ages since the first EOS 7D (5 years to be precise) but at photokina, Canon finally presented its heir: the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. We're is confident[...]

Samsung Goes for 4K Video Capture with NX1

Samsung is furthering its investment in 4K with the new NX1, extending it from the home theater realm to its digital imaging products, notably its NX lineup.

Panasonic GM5 Looks to Prove Good Things Come in Small Packages

The Lumix DMC-GM5 is Panasonic's latest interchangeable lens Micro Four Thirds camera, as well as a tiny little powerhouse shooter that barely tips past the half-pound mark with a lens[...]

Canon PowerShot N2 is Yet Another Selfie Cam

Arriving just in time to ease the fears of those who worry there just aren't enough selfie cams on the market is the forthcoming Canon PowerShot N2 -- a cutesy,[...]

Samsung NX1 Hands-on Preview

Let's give Samsung credit for unveiling the most pleasant surprise of photokina. It managed to create a backside illuminated (i.e. BSI) APS-C format 28-mega pixel CMOS sensor for its new[...]

Panasonic LX100 Packs 4K Video Capability in Compact Frame

Running on a history of developing cameras with fast lenses, the LX series of shooters by Panasonic appears to have received yet another major improvement in spec design with the[...]

Leica M Edition 60 Ditches Viewfinder, Is Absurdly Priced

There are cameras that try to go retro by sporting old school external bodies. And then there's the Leica M Edition 60, the German manufacturer's 60th anniversary limited edition model,[...]

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Hands-on Preview

As a high-end compact camera in a market currently limited to budget options, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 was a welcome addition to photokina. That it was also the first Panasonic[...]

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Brings 65x Zoom

The Canon PowerShot SX60 HS is geared almost solely taking long-distance pictures.

What Are the Best iOS Photo Apps? Vhoto — Photos from Video

Vhoto -- Photos from Video is an iOS app that pretty much puts your internal photographer on auto pilot, with cool results.

Is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 a Camera or a Smartphone?

The proliferation of camera-enabled smartphones has taken a bite out of the camera-only industry, but the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 is a forthcoming device that appears ready to bite back.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Sports a One-Inch Sensor

The PowerShot G7 X is a Canon compact with a 1-inch sensor. To shutterbugs, that news should excite as the PowerShot G7 X appears to occupy that highly sought after[...]

Fujifilm X100T Hands-on Preview

Fujifilm pioneered the big sensor and compact camera paradigm at photokina 2012 with its X100 model. It's since released a successor, the X100s, and at photokina 2014 Fujifilm unveiled its[...]

Nikon D750 Hands-on Preview

Nikon drew the biggest crowds at the Cologne Exhibition Centre, with many photokina attendees clamoring to get their hands on the new Nikon D750, the camera maker?s third full-framed DSLR[...]

Contour Returns with ROAM3 Action Cam

Contour is back with a new action cam product destined to be the device of choice for surfers, snorklers, and people who can hold their breath a long time. [...]

Miggo Strap & Wrap and Grip & Wrap Exit Kickstarter, Now Shipping

There's a lot of junk floating around Kickstarter, particularly for cameras. So it's worth noting when something interesting pops up and actually starts shipping, like miggo's Grip & Wrap and[...]

What Are the Best Android Photography Apps? Camera ZOOM FX

When it comes to measuring the all-important bang-for-buck ratio, you may find Camera ZOOM FX by Androidslide is worth a lot more than the nominal download fee.

You Need a Hero? GoPro Has You Covered with New Rugged Cams

Three months after going public and hot on the heels of impressive stock market performance, GoPro is at it again.

Chromebooks Get Adobe Photoshop as a Streaming Service

No kidding. Google Chromebooks are about to get Photoshop.