August 2014 Camera Articles

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Camera Articles for August of 2014

Below are the 22 Camera articles for August of 2014

Sony All Action with New HDR-AS20

Never mind lights and camera. Sony is yelling "ACTION" with its latest line of action cams for videographers of a more agile bent.

Canon’s New Super-Zooms Built for Shooting from Afar

Bigfoot hunters and bird photographers of all budgets take note: Canon has announced the release of two new products in its line of super-zoom compact cameras aimed at both entry-level[...]

Function and Fashion Merge for Pentax Q-S1

The newly announced Pentax Q-S1 digital camera from Ricoh Imaging occupies the space where intermediate-level functionality and fashion merge.

That’s Not a Lens, It’s a Lens Vacuum

Why didn't I think of that? It's a DSLR lens cleaner that vacuums out dust particles.

Apple Update for OS X Mavericks Brings RAW Compatibility to 10 Late Model Cameras

Mac-based digital photographers running OS X Mavericks have just received an early Christmas present from Apple.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Smooths Out Unwatchable Time-Lapse Vids

Microsoft researchers have made leaps and bounds in their efforts to rid the world of jerky, unwatchable time-lapse video shot on GoPro and other head-mounted recorders.

What Are the Best Android Photo Apps? Photo Editor by Axiem Systems

There are hundreds of photo apps for Android and iOS. DigitalCameraReview combs through the App Store and Google Play to find the best. This week: Photo Editor by Axiem Systems.

Polaroid Cube a Cutesy Take on Action Cam

With the impending release of its new Cube camera, Polaroid is looking to win the award for cutest action camera with the Cube.

World’s Fastest Camera Shoots What No Camera Has Shot Before

You may think your camera is fast, but prepare for some serious shutter envy.

European Space Agency’s Break Up Camera Set to Document Fiery Atmospheric Reentry

There are disposable cameras, and there are cameras that record their very own destruction for the world to see.

What Are the Best iOS Photo Apps? BoothPic – Best Photo Editor

BoothPic - Best Photo Editor can add a dash of creativity to everyday snapshots.

Sony A5100 Official with Quicker Autofocus

Can compact mirrorless cameras get any better? Sony seems to think so as it has just released the latest in its gradually evolving line of compact mirrorless cameras. Call it[...]

Sony Set to Unveil Perfume Bottle Selfie Cam

In response to the apparent demand for more selfie-enabling tools, Sony is reportedly planning the release of a line of selfie cams made in the shape of perfume bottles.

Google Photo Sphere Camera App Hits iOS Market

In Google's ongoing efforts to prove it plays well with others, its once-exclusive "Photo Sphere" app has officially hit the iOS market.

What Are the Best Android Photo Apps? Google Camera Review

Google Camera could make taking pictures on your phone fun again.

Give Fido a Pooch Cam with GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Ever wonder what a dog sees? GoPro has a mount for that.

Leica M-P Digital is all Black and Very Fast

German manufacturer Leica is giving its retro rangefinder cameras a makeover, ditching the classic red dot logo but sticking with the 50s-era aesthetics of its M series digital shooters.

New Casio Action Cam Features Detachable Viewfinder

Casio's Exilim EX-FR10 lets adventurers take selfies anywhere.

Fujifilm Mixes Modern Tech with Retro Style for New X30

The Fujifilm X30, successor to the X20, is the latest iteration of the X-series compact camera, and it includes a Real Time Viewfinder Fujifilm calls "the largest, brightest, fastest and[...]

Instagram Hyperlapse App Brings Life in Fast-Forward

Instagram videos just got a much needed quality infusion thanks to Hyperlapse, an app that should make amateur-shot short form vids more viewable.

New Pentax K-S1 Focuses on Ease of Use

Packaging advanced DSLR features into a compact, user-friendly interface, the new Pentax K-S1 looks like a marriage between camera and smartphone that could appeal to photographers of a variety of[...]

What Are the Best iOS Photo Apps? Google Photo Sphere

Originally only available on Android, Google's Photo Sphere now allows iOS users to see what all the fuss is about, in stunningly immersive, 360-degree clarity.