June 2013 Camera Articles

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Camera Articles for June of 2013

Below are the 27 Camera articles for June of 2013

New Zeiss Lenses Now Available for Sony and Fuji

Want to get your hands on the new 32mm f/1.8 and 12mm f/2.8 lenses from Zeiss? Now you can, but you will need a chunk of change first.

Pentax Includes White Version of WG-3 Camera

If you liked the look of the other WG-3 colors, we think you are going to love the newest addition -- a bright white with accents of blue.

Canon Pixma Comix App First Look

Feel like being the star of your own comic strip? Now you can with the Canon Pixma Comix App.

Photo Ninja RAW Converter Software Review

Photo Ninja is a professional-grade RAW converter tool. We took it for a spin and loved the results. Check out our review!

Friday Photo Tip: Understanding Your Camera’s Mode Dial

Today's Photo Tip focuses on the basics of your camera --learning what that shooting mode dial is all about.

Lightroom 5 Now Available for Purchase

Today Adobe announced that Lightroom 5 is now available for purchase.

Canon PowerShot S110 Review

An understated camera with professional features and designed for serious photographers who want a compact camera with creative capability.

The Skinny on the World’s Smallest Fisheye Lens by Samsung

Samsung's newest 10mm fisheye lens for their NX line of cameras may have you wondering how they fit all those elements into such a tiny lens.

Leica Announces the X Vario Along with a Huge Price Tag

If you have an extra $3k sitting around your house and don't know what to do with it, Leica has a solution--the X Vario.

Samsung Officially Announces Samsung Galaxy S IV Zoom

Samsung officially introduced the Samsung Galaxy S IV Zoom. The camera on the Galaxy S IV Zoom combines a 10x zoom with a 16 MP CMOS Sensor.

Canon Rebel T5i Review

The new T5i model has some similar specs to it's predecessor, the T4i: 18 MP, 5 FPS, and full HD video. So is it worth a second look? Maybe!

Get Your Style On with the Pentax K-50

The anticipated K-50 is now available in 120 different colors. But it's more than just a pretty face. It has a 16MP sensor and a ton of great features.

Sigma Announces a Jaw Dropping Price for 18-35mm f/1.8 Lens

Sigma announces the price of the only constant f/1.8 zoom lens on the market and it should have you smiling...and reaching in your wallet.

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Lens Image Gallery

In the last article, I teased you about how great the image quality is from the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens. Enjoy the eye candy!

Friday Photo Tip: Photographing Fireworks

Photographing fireworks can be a test of patience and skill. That's why we're bringing you this Friday photo tip just in time for the Fourth of July.

Adobe Releases First Subscription-Only Edition of ‘Creative’ Software

Adobe has released a big update to Creative Cloud, reaffirming a decision unveiled in May to move to subscription-only pricing for its 'Creative' apps.

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera Preview

Samsung announces the game changing Galaxy NX Camera and we bring you a hands-on preview of what makes this product so special.

Samsung NX2000 Image Gallery

The Samsung NX2000 is the newest smart camera to hit the shelves. Check out our images gallery and let us know what you think of the results.

Friday Photo Tip: White Balance

That little button on the back of your DSLR is labeled WB and you have no idea what that means or what to do with it. We are here to[...]

Samsung NX300 Image Gallery

After a few weeks with the NX300 we are happy with the results of this well built camera. Check out our image gallery and let us know what you think.

Fuji Announces the X-M1 Compact Camera and 27mm Lens

Available at the end of July, Fuji enthusiasts will have another camera to love--the X-M1, a compact interchangeable lens camera.

Canon EOS 6D Review: Full Frame with Benefits

Right after Nikon launched the D600, Canon countered with the 20MP 6D. Is the EOS 6D the full-frame alternative we hoped it would be?

Sony Makes the Best Camera Better: the DSC-RX100 Mark II

When Sony introduced the DSC-RX100 last summer, they made magic by fitting a "1-inch" sensor into a pocketable body. Today, they've taken it a step further.

Sony’s Award-Winning DSC-RX1 Loses AA Filter, Becomes DSC-RX1r

The same in almost every way as the previous generation, the new DSC-RX1r rewards sharpness seeking fans by removing the camera's AA filter .

Canon Powershot SX280 HS Review

The Canon SX280 HS features a 12MP sensor, a DIGIC 6 processor and a powerful 20x zoom--and all in a fashionable, pocketable camera.

Clean Up Your Photo Mess with Everpix

Everpix announces 2.0--an even better way to store, analyze and organize the immense amount of photos you take.

Pentax K-50 Image Gallery

The new K-50 shows a mixed bag of results when used with the kit lens, but testing the camera with other lenses shows good results.