May 2015 Camera Articles

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Camera Articles for May of 2015

Below are the 10 Camera articles for May of 2015

TomTom and Xiaomi Gun for the GoPro Crowd

There’s money to be made in the action cam market. GoPro’s continued market dominance is evidence of this. Now two tech manufacturers, TomTom and Xiaomi, are each hitting the market[...]

Leica M Monochrom Type 246 Arrives for B&W Photographers

Black and white photography enthusiasts just got one more reason to dip into the piggy bank, following the impending arrival of the Leica M Monochrom Type 246. A follow-up to[...]

What Are the Best iPhone Photo Apps? Picturine Free Photo Editor

Picturine – Free Photo Editor delivers impressive variety of post-snapshot effects capable of transforming even the most boring photos into share-worthy images. So what’s so special about it?

Flickr’s New “Unified Search Experience” Makes Finding Photos Easier

Flickr, the 10-billion-plus online photo repository, just underwent a major change to make finding what you’re looking for a whole lot easier.

MIT Researchers Make One Giant Leap in the Elimination of Reflections

One of the tell-tale signs you’re living in the future happens when scientists figure out how to make stuff invisible. Thanks to big-brained researchers at MIT, that future has apparently[...]

What Are the Best Android Photo Apps? PhotoSoft FX & Photo Editor

PhotoSoft FX & Photo Editor, newly released from Overam, finds itself in the same company with the Instagrams and Pixlr-o-matics of the world in that it can take boring smartphone[...]

Panasonic’s “Revolutionary” Lumix G7 Extracts 4K Photos from Any 4K Video

The Lumix DMC G7, described by its manufacturer Panasonic as “revolutionary,” includes a 4K Photo feature that enables you to pause any 4K Ultra HD video and single out any[...]

Fujifilm X-T10 is a Scaled Down Version of the X-T1

Capitalizing on everybody’s soft spot for “mini-me” products at lower prices, Fujifilm is releasing a scaled down version of its flagship X-T1 shooter.

Nikon Heartography Kit Sends Snapshot Control to the Dogs

Nikon has developed a technology that uses heart rate to trigger a camera’s shutter – thus making it possible to strap a camera to your dog’s chest and have it[...]

Best iPhone Photo Apps: The New & Improved Flickr

In the recent revamp of the iOS mobile app, Flickr has made the intelligent choice of pushing its Auto-Uploadr feature front and center, which is a great move.